Infinity Recycling provides paper recycling collection for all types and sizes of offices.  We provide dependable service for office complexes, printers, 100 person offices as well as one and two person offices. We offer weekly, twice per month, or monthly services to fit individual office needs.  Container recycling (bottles & cans) for break or lunch rooms can be added on as well.


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Infinity Recycling, Inc. is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization.  Although we charge a nominal service fee for collection of materials, the weight of the collected materials is recorded and the totals are sent in a yearly report, including the average value of the material, which may be taken as a tax deduction.  The value of these materials is our main source of income to pay for the processing and shipping to market.

We collect many grades of paper:
~ white ledger paper                                     

~ colored paper
~ newspapers
~ magazines
~ corrugated cardboard
~ phone books
~ bound books
~ shredded paper (bagged and tied)
~ unsorted files

       — computers & electronics
            ($5 per CPU / most others no charge / NO MONITORS OR TV’S)
       — aluminum cans, plastic bottles, glass bottles
            (additional charge varies)