Corrugated Cardboard is probably the second most recycled material.  (#1 is steel, think old cars)  Most businesses generate a good bit of Old Corrugated Cardboard (OCC).  Big retail stores often establish OCC recycling with their trash vendor; but many of the smaller retailers and offices, who also generate cardboard, have limited options for recycling it.  Infinity Recycling is happy to provide OCC recycling services to large and small generators.  We have all schedules of pickups: weekly, twice/month, monthly and even will call.  We can provide a modest collection box or a series of dumpsters.  For businesses with an off season, we are happy to adjust our pickup schedule to match your needs and budget.  We also keep track of the volume of material we pickup, and send you an annual report of your tonnage along with its value which may be claimed as a deduction as a donation to our 501-c3 non- profit organization.  (You pay for our service & we gladly accept your material.  The service charge pays for our pickup and the material value pays for the processing.)

Corrugated Cardboard can be a bulky material that can usually be recycled and save businesses money on their trash bill. Actually one can often arrange to have one two yard container for recycling corrugated cardboard and in turn be able to cut the trash container back by four yards. That’s because of the hidden but highly beneficial side effects of recycling cardboard.

Recycling requires flattening the boxes and by doing so, valuable space is used much more efficiently. Often an un-flattened box can take up the space of 20 flattened ones.

When people are used to flattening the boxes as they are emptied, they are more efficient and tidier. Once again, 30 flattened boxes can be carried much more easily than even five uncrushed boxes. There’s also many less trips outside to the recycling box.

Cardboard recycling services are available with options of 3 yard dumpsters, custom made 2 yard collection boxes, or smaller options for smaller businesses.  We have a range of collection frequencies from once per month up to twice per week depending on volume.

Cardboard Recycling Instructions