Recycling for Bars & Restaurants


Not all Recycling programs treat glass bottles & jars the same.
Many trash companies are offering recycling as they attempt to comply with their trash customers’ demands.  Coming from a trash background, companies force their same trash model for their recycling service.  They use their powerful compaction trucks to pick up a Single Stream mix of materials that might be recyclable and crush the heck out of it to make room for more pickups, and then drop their mess off at some facility where they try to sort it out.  Obviously very little glass gets recycled (60% of our containers is glass).  That glass is broken into bits, contaminating the other materials and / or becomes part of the discarded material that falls through the screens along with dirt, butts, pebbles and bottle caps. 


Infinity recycles glass bottles & jars right.
As Infinity adjusted to make its recycling system as convenient and efficient as possible with the minimal degradation of its materials, we realized that a Dual Stream System was the better way to go.  Dual steam simply collects paper material separate from the containers, and then we do not compact the containers.  The result is much less breakage and mixing so that even most of the broken pieces get sorted and recycled back into bottles and cans.  The bottle plant is happy to make more bottles from our excellent material.


Our services include:
A flyer with simple instructions
Labeled totes for the collection of glass
      and plastic bottles and jars and metal cans
Reliable, friendly service
Complete records of amounts collected
Records provided to the county
Tax deductions for materials collected
We also collect corrugated cardboard
We may be able to buy your aluminum cans

Our container recycling services include 95 gallon rolling totes for collecting all of your bottles, jars and cans.  We have a range of collection frequencies from monthly to twice per week depending on volume needs.

Bar & Restaurant Recycling Instructions