What We Offer

We’ve Got Something For Everyone!  Infinity provides a range of

recycling services for homes, businesses, schools, towns and events.


Residential Curbside Service

This is a curbside service for homes provided on a subscription basis to individuals or on a contract basis to towns or communities.  Service is weekly or twice per month depending on location.




Office Paper Recycling

Infinity provides recycling service to offices big and small.  We are non-profit and your donated material is a tax deduction.






Corrugated Cardboard Recycling 

Infinity offers cardboard recycling, servicing small, moderate and substantial generators of cardboard. We can set up various schedules to suit individual needs and we will gladly adjust our schedule and fee according to your peak and off-peak seasons.




Bar & Restaurant Recycling 

Infinity provides recycling services to bars and restaurants to truly recycle glass that others simply crush and trash.






School Recycling

Infinity provides recycling service to public and private grade schools.  We also help with fundraisers from aluminum cans and we give talks and paper making workshops.

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Event Recycling 

Infinity provides recycling services for events big and small.




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Scrap Buy Backs

Infinity pays for aluminum cans and non-ferrous scrap metal. 






Electronics Recycling 

Infinity takes most small electronics for recycling.  Check out this page for a list of what’s accepted.  No TV’s or Monitors.